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My Gypsy Lenormand Oracles: Blue Bird

These are one my Gypsy Oracles blue Bird from Mlle Lenormand. I like to use them with clients, because i just found out when i read for myself it gives me disconnected answers, except for clients that always come to me after to tell me that the predictions and warnings were about accurate, also during the reading the flow is perfect, so that’s how i intuitively not only do my readings and a higher power guides me to chose the right decks for each finality and circumstances.

My Gypsy Lenormand Oracles: White Owl and Mystic

These are two different types of Gypsy Oracles from Mlle Lenormand. White Owl above and Mystical Lenormand bellow. These illustrations are one of my methods which i normally use to confirm the above readings, and in this reading there were at least one card bellow that i randomly picked and was the same as above (The Key 25. Heart). But i don’t not only use this methodology, i’m used to many other of the traditional European schools. I practice every days and at least two times a day, also with my clients, as you can see on the testimonials.

My Gypsy Lenormand Oracles: Golden Venetian Lenormand

This is my luxurious Golden Venetian Lenormand, and one of my last acquisition, it even contains a certificate of authenticity, as it was limited and special edition, and I’ve been one of the happy 600 copy’s buyer. It comes with 54 court cards and a book that tells true story from the Carnival of Venice, for each pictures and symbols show masks and masked, and around 1094 - 1296 Carnival Masks fulfilled and important social function by making people wearing them equal. A servant wearing a mask could be mistaken for a nobble man, and vice versa Masks provided some freedom so that people could break some rules without being recognised.

I feel so lucky to have found them authors, as its publisher is just around the corner, here in Switzerland. For me who is two decades resident living in Switzerland, i already integrated myself in the way of thinking from Swiss citizens, this Deck is just all that i dreamed of, not that i don’t like the others, but this one is definitely a masterpiece. Every meaning gives a touch of true magic power to very card, it brings plenty of meanings that even an experienced fortune teller didn’t know yet and couldn’t come up with if it didn’t know this part of history. When lay these cards, it talks and talks. It isn’t even necessary to open a “Mini Tableau” (Block of nine cards) to see more then I expected.

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