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Milady Cigana

Milady Cigana provides spiritual readings with Gipsy Cards and Tarot. The readings she provides are accurate, encouraging, and with absolute secrecy. Milady is experienced medium empath, compassionate, insightful, and will provide you with an unforgettable reading!

What Is
Card reading or Oracle reading

Esoteric self-reflection

Card reading is a method from the area of esotericism that can provide valuable impulses and suggestions for solving difficult life situations. It is not just about making statements about the future, but using the art of laying cards as a method of self-reflection. Sometimes an impulse from the outside is required - and it can continue on its own. Used in this way, card reading is an excellent aid.

No matter what the cards are called – whether Lenormand cards, Tarot, runes, etc.

All of these things are crutches that can support us to take responsibility and trust.

It’s not about finding out whether someone will split up or marry in 2 years, whether the ex will come back or the pet will eat more again.

It’s about seeing how people become active again, taking their lives into their own hands – it hardly helps to say: oh, it will be fine, in one year you will have a permanent partnership. that only leads to one thing: the questioner remains in the passivity, waits his legs in his stomach and then wonders why it doesn’t work.

Cards are helpful – if they are used correctly, they contain great hints on how we can actively shape our lives. It’s just not true if the motivation is wrong:

Cards are no extended excuse – huh, that was in the cards, oh my Saturn is bad – all other excuses not to look at yourself and your own problems.

All solutions are in us – now.

And yes, it’s the more inconvenient way of doing that alone.

Letting go = Passive and leads into dependencies.

Sometimes you need an impulse from outside – and you can continue on your own, so applied card reading is an excellent support.

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